How to Install Dell Printer on my Computer?

 “I recently bought a new Dell printer but don’t know how I should connect it to my PC.”

If you relate to the issue one of our clients was facing, get ready for the solutions recommended by our team. The problem might be due to unable to detect the port or connectivity issues.

Dell Printer Technical Support Canada helps in connecting the device

For installing the local device
  1. Go to the Windows and move for the link of devices and printers.
  2. As a dialog box is displayed, choose to insert the Dell machine.
  3. Hit the link of Add a local printer >> Use an existing port >> Next.
  4. Look for your model and manufacturing brand and continue with next. In case you didn’t find yours, choose for Windows update and wait for additional drivers. 
  5. If you are done, go to finish link at the end.
For adding a wireless printer
  1. Choose the icon of windows that represent the menu. 
  2. Then, move for the device and printer option present on the list.
  3. As you are redirected towards the wizard box, move for adding a network through the Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth, whatever your device supports.
  4. Browse for the networks available and snap on the link you have been looking for. In case you aren’t able to find any, delete the previously present links and diagnose again.
  5. Go for the installation by hitting over the link of install driver. In case you are prompted for an admin password or validation, insert the required code.
  6. Now, fulfill the additional steps into the wizard and go to finish for completing the procedure.
In case you are carrying any Dell printer related problem, quickly deliver it to the single-shed of Dell Printer Support Canada Number: 1-855-253-4222. You can make your device durable by contacting us through our helpline number. We won’t leave you disappointed at any cost!

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