How can a Dell Printer be configured?

Have you bought new Dell Printer and you want to configure it with your system? Today this blog is for you only as we are going to discuss it. It is a very easy task if you do it under the guidance of our Dell Printer Technical Support Canada. Our team provides all these kinds of solutions to get you out of the trouble very easily. Our team gives the steps to perform for configuring the Dell printer with your system.

The steps are as follows:-

  1. Firstly open the manual booklet given with your printer and read it carefully. So that, you can assemble it easily
  2. Start your system & go to start menu & click Device & Printer option
  3. Now click on the Add a device 
  4. Follow the instructions that are shown on your screen. If you have a network printer then you have to find its name or network path
  5. After this check that you have updated network drivers or not, insert the CD-Rom when asked by you & run the application files
  6. After doing this a message will pop-out & ask you to make it as a default one. If you want to do this that you can click on set it as default
  7. Now Re-start your system
  8. After your system restarts test your printer by giving a command to it for printing a page for checking that the printer functions are working on  not
  9. If your printer is performing up to the mark then click on Finish button to exit.
These are the steps that you have to do for configuring your printer smoothly. If you have any problem or any other query call our toll-free Dell Printer Support Canada: 1-855-253-4222 for best assistance. You can do a live chat or an email to be in touch with us. We are happy to listen from your side.
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